• Flooring Types

    alt Ace Resin Flooring offers a wide range of choice for any type of property in the UK, and is  able to source and supply in large variety of colours and combinations for domestic clients.

  • Preparation

    alt Save money by investing in the future of your home by using our new innovative, long lasting resin flooring - perfect for kitchens, driveways, garages and more.

  • Polishing

    alt Our poured resin floors are smooth surfaces of contemporary beauty, now becoming very popular with many residential clients in the UK, due to their glossy shine and chic finish.

  • Key Industry

    alt One of the biggest industry sectors is the residential and domestic market. We are at the resin forefront of developing and planning for the future of Sussex homes locally.

A full range of flooring surfaces whatever your requirements!


Poured resin floors are hard wearing, durable surfaces which are easily cleaned and maintained. They come in a wide range of fusion colours (a mix of dual colours to create a unique marbling effect) to suit every home.

We are a small, friendly, family run business with over 16 years of experience in all types of interior and exterior resin flooring - earning our reputation for high quality and standards.

Our resin flooring installations are found in a number of different towns and cities. We pride ourselves in providing a prompt, efficient service to our customers, and our poured, seamless resin floors are unique, stylish and very easy to maintain. They are all available in a wide range of colours and finishes and can be customised to meet your exact requirements for interior or exterior use.

We are able to supply: Resin Finishing Systems, Resin Floors in any colour, Glitter and Flake Systems, Poured Stone Carpets, Resin Screed Flooring, Concrete Sealing, Resin Flooring Systems, Slip Resistance Systems, Textured Finishes, Domestic Resin surface cleaner, Decorative Resin Floors in Sussex, Surrey & Kent.

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